Life Insurance



SRC Financial Consulting educates individuals about the living benefits of life insurance, in addition to its death benefit. Life insurance is a crucial part of any family’s financial planning and a valuable incentive for employees. However, with so many options available, finding the right plan or policy can be challenging. As a leading life insurance broker, SRC Financial Consulting understands the importance of choosing the right life insurance plan and can help you find one that meets your current and future needs.

Group Life

Providing life insurance coverage is a highly desirable benefit for employees, as it shows that you are an employer that cares for your staff. Employers will typically pay for a group plan, and then the employees have the option to buy up for a very low monthly premium increasing their death benefit. There are numerous policies available, from a basic plan to more advanced coverage that will allow employees to pay additional premiums to increase their death benefits.


Individual Life Insurance

In addition to group policies, SRC also offer individual life insurance policies. Life insurance provides death benefits to your family in the event of your death, which can help ensure your loved ones’ financial security. Your beneficiaries will be paid a tax-free amount that can be used to pay for anything from funeral costs and mortgage payments to your children’s college tuition.

There are three main types of life insurance available. Each one offers death protection coverage, while some policies also offer attractive living benefits.


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The SRC Difference

We understand that every company and individual has different needs and budgets, so we will work hard to find personalized solutions that meet your requirements.

When you choose to work with SRC Financial, you will always receive:

1. A personal account manager

2. Practical and accurate information on how to best utilize your life insurance plans

3. Outstanding customer service at every step of the process

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