Vision Insurance

Prevention is the best cure for eye problems; however, eye care costs can be prohibitive. Most health insurance plans will provide coverage for only major medical problems that affect the eyes. That is why it makes sense to have some form of dedicated vision insurance plan. 

Vision insurance plans provide assistance with preventative eye care costs and regular expenses such as prescription glasses. The team at SRC Financial Consulting are experts on vision insurance plans in Texas and can assist both businesses and individuals.

What to Consider

There are many vision insurance plans on the market, so it is important to have a clear idea of what level of coverage you need. Most with existing vision issues will be looking for a plan that will help cover regular eye exams and other costs, such as glasses and lenses. 

Some plans will offer low annual monthly premiums, but they will have limited coverage and may require higher out of pocket cost.

It is also possible to combine vision insurance with dental insurance, giving you access to a range of services for one annual premium.


There are many benefits your employees can receive by having a vision insurance plan:

  • More extensive coverage than offered by a health insurance plan
  • A reduction in out-of-pocket costs for eye care
  • Significant discounts on expenses such as glasses, contacts, or LASIK

The SRC Difference

Here at SRC Financial, we understand that vision costs can be an unwanted and costly household expense. That is why we are on hand to help you find a plan that reduces those costs and provides comprehensive coverage for your employees.

That is why our team is on hand to guide you through the numerous plans available to find one that works best for your company’s requirements and budget.

We offer vision insurance through all the leading insurance providers and can guide you through the various options so you can make the best decision possible.

Contact one of our team today for a free quote or consultation.